About time

I am fascinated by science. It defines, refines, and changes our understanding of our very existence.

Changes in understanding both great and small have included insects and mice springing spontaneously from rotting food and undisturbed left over grain, the earth going from the center of the universe to just a planet orbiting a star in a solar system orbiting a galactic core, and the sun being the only star in the universe with planets to stars with planets being common.

To follow a scientific method everything that’s defined must be observable and repeatable by independent researchers.

So how are things defined that aren’t testable? Things like time. Wait, what? We all know what time is, yes. We experience the flow every day. Our watches measure it. Our phones, computers, and networks measure it to enable communication. Scientists predict eclipses and tourists flock to see them based on the predictions the scientists publish. It all seems to work.

Then you read something like this, Do We Actually Experience the Flow of Time?

Now what.