Welcome home

To my home page that is.

I started this site several months ago just to go through the exercise of setting up a webserver running a WordPress site. At first it was a bit of a struggle to get what I thought I wanted in terms of how the site looks and organize information the way I thought it should be.

Then I just stopped worrying and started using the site as it seemed to be designed to be used. Giving up control and learning to work with what’s here has been very helpful.

I’m posting somewhat regularly and beginning to understand the ideas behind how the site is intended to work.

There are certainly still design changes I’d like. I don’t yet know whether they would involve different CSS, a different template for the site, a different hosting platform or what. At least now I’m comfortable with using the site and posting about things on my mind.

It’s a good place to be at and I expect things will get better from here. Take a look around. I hope you’ll find something interesting, useful, or both. There’s no commenting allowed yet. That will come after some time. If I see my visitor numbers going up I’ll know people are looking.