This is just a little bit of revelatory narrative. Descriptions of some of the volunteer work I’ve done and continue doing.

I have provided volunteer services to a few organizations and continue to volunteer for one now. It started with a request for me to speak about technology careers to high school students from poor families. (I was director of IT for a multi state youth and family services agency at the time.)

My charge was to attempt to encourage the students by giving them some ideas about the opportunities to people with technical skills. These youth were all in an after school computer tech program.

That volunteer service was at the invitation of BAYM, Bridgeport Area Youth Ministries. Over time it developed into regular presentations to the BAYM classes about computer technology. And, eventually, I was even invited to become a member of BAYM’s Technology Advisory Council.

After I left Connecticut I got trained to “fit” seniors to their cars for the “CarFit” program in Kingston, NY. I volunteered a few times to help seniors adjust their seats and mirrors. The aim was to gain better visibility behind and to the sides while they sat in the driver’s seat and ensure they sat far enough from the steering wheel that risk of injury from air bag inflation would be reduced.

Around that time I also became aware of Kingston Senior Computer Learning Center, SCLC. SCLC provides computer training to seniors. Their web admin had moved to Florida and wanted to give up the long distance support and maintenance of the website. Knowing NOTHING about websites I volunteered to provide assistance.

I certainly wouldn’t call it an attractive website. It is however kept up to date. I migrated it to supported technology from the old technology it had been built on and continue to maintain it to this day.